Dinesty Dumpling House Restaurant near Metrotown

Here is a good place to avoid the cold, The Dinesty Dumpling House Restaurant.

Dinesty Dumpling House_Burnaby.jpg

The Dinesty Dumpling House Restaurant is located at Kingsway, Burnaby.

I have visited this restaurant on a snowy day. Going to this restaurant was the best choice to avoid the cold but enjoy the snow. When I entered the restaurant, I found that the restaurant was much bigger than what it looked like. The Dinesty Dumpling House Restaurant has 5 branches in BC.

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The Boathouse Restaurant near Kitsilano Beach

Here is the best place to join the summer; The Boathouse Restaurant.


The Boathouse Restaurant is located at  Arbutus St at Vancouver

You will be able to experience a very beautiful view no matter what season you come, because it is located near the Kitsilano beach. With a roof opening so that you can feel the nature by its best, by experiencing the warm sunlight of the sun. Continue reading “The Boathouse Restaurant near Kitsilano Beach”